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Questionable Teachings of Islam:

                                  One Billion People Deceived


        Is  the  religion  of  Islam  actually  a  peaceful  ideology  that  has  been  misinterpreted  and
        "hijacked" by Islamic extremists, as many Muslim groups claim? If you answered, "Yes,"
        the contents within this book will prove otherwise and show that Islam is a social-political-
        religious ideology that incites hatred, deception, murder and terror in order to achieve its
        goal of world domination.

        Please Note:

        The research information presented here is not intended to create animosity nor hatred
        toward  innocent  Muslims  who  really  wish  to  live  peacefully  but  whose  lives  are  being
        controlled  through  religious  fears  imposed  by  their  "spiritual"  leaders.  This  in-depth
        documentation also exposes the misguided teachings that form the mindset of the many
        fundamental Islamic clerics who adamantly command their followers to commit barbaric
        acts  of  terror  against  men,  women,  children  and  all  non-Islamic  regimes  that  do  not
        "embrace" Islam.

        It is also important to note that this book has been prepared for two specific  reasons:

        1)  To inform non-Muslims that the fundamental belief of Islam does in fact promote terror
        and all Islamic public relations groups that deny this are deliberately withholding the truth.

        2)  To inform moderate and peace-loving Muslims that, according to Islamic teachings,
        they are allowed to stop reading the Qu'ran if they disagree with it. If you are a "moderate"
        and "peaceful" Muslim, here is the miraculous loop-hole that permits you to express your
        own personal misgivings regarding the present day preaching of hatred, terror and global
        jihad that is coming against your non-Muslim friends:

        "The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, 'Recite (and study) the Qur'an as long as you
        agree  about  its  interpretation,  but  if  you  have  any  difference  of  opinion  (as  to  its
        interpretation and meaning) then you should stop reciting it (for the time being)."' Sahih-
        Bukhari, Vol. 6, Book 61, No. 580

        You are encouraged to read the continuation of this book in order to compare the research
        information with what you believe to be true. Your conclusions should be drawn through
        your own free will and not by fear.

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