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Questionable Teachings of Islam:


        The Morning after 9/11

        The  course  of  world  history  and  especially  the  future  of  America  took  a  sudden  and
        dramatic turn on the fateful day of September 11, 2001.

        As the American public viewed television reports showing New York's World Trade Center
        towers being destroyed by hijacked passenger jets, there was the sense of unbelief that
        this country could actually be under attack. Yet, many astute observers and authors had
        previously seen the signs and warned of an impending major confrontation. While many
        such  published  works  were  ridiculed  and  disregarded  for  many  years,  the  clash  of
        civilizations unfolded, pitting Mideast seventh-century ideals against those of the twenty-
        first  century  Western  World.  Now,  even  the  liberal  media  that  has  for  years  enjoyed
        ridiculing Judeo/Christian values is included as one of the enemies of Islam - a theocratic
        dogma that promotes forced conversion and the extermination of anyone that does not
        embrace its religious tenets.

        Perhaps there is something to be said in favor of those who tried to warn America about
        the attack that came to pass. After all, it is believed by many that there are obvious signs
        and warnings - even in the heavens. Such manifestation was observed on the very next
        morning after the 09/11/01 attack on America. Many people who happened to be outside
        just before sunrise on September 12, 2001 reported what this author had also seen in the
        early morning sky:

        While going outside to pick up the morning newspaper from the driveway, I looked up to
        view the stars and was amazed at how visible and bright the "sign" of Islam seemed to
        have been formed and affixed in the clear dawning sky over North America. The planet,
        Saturn, shone brilliantly as the bright and morning star and was positioned closely to the
        right of the moon in its crescent (waning) phase. Together, this conjunction formed the
        universal symbol of Islam as seen on the flags of many Arab nations.

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