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Questionable Teachings of Islam:

                                  One Billion People Deceived

        You may have heard or read about the "Golden Age of Islam" that spanned from the ninth-
        century through the eleventh-century and which has been touted as the "Great age of
        learning." History shows, however, that although there were significant advancements in
        many areas, this period was filled with brutal forced conversions, taxation imposed upon
        Jews and Christians, and enforcement of strict adherence to theocratic rule based upon
        the Qur'an and  Shari'a law.

        Doesn't  this sound familiar? There are many Islamic countries today from which highly
        educated Muslim students contribute greatly to the advancements in the fields of science
        and technology and yet they still live in bondage and fear of the ideologies that control
        their  every  move.  Perhaps  future  civilizations  may  one  day  read  about  how  Muslims
        contributed to the great age of technology in the twenty-first century but will history shy
        away from the atrocities and barbaric acts that went on in the name of Islam during this

        The country of Afghanistan is a prime example of how, in the mid- 1990s, a young group
        of well educated students formed the ruling party of the Taliban and attempted to create
        an utopian society based upon Islamic principles. The civilized world was able to see first-
        hand how the concept of Islamic rule oppresses and degrades women and threatens men
        for not wearing beards and for listening to music in public. People were punished for being
        late to their obligated prayer time. There is no doubt the Taliban was only "going by the
        book" which in their case happened to be the Qur'an and Shari'a; the same books that
        fundamental Islamic terror groups are going by today.

        Perhaps you disagree with the implementation of Shari'a Law and favor a Western-style
        democratic form of government that gives women protection and equal status to men.
        You may be enjoying this freedom to choose which clothes to wear, which friends to have
        over  and  which  entertainment  to  enjoy  at  home  or  in  public.  These  are the  freedoms
        denied to the citizens of Afghanistan while they were under Taliban rule and these are the
        freedoms you will lose if you really want to live as a Muslim governed by Sharia law. The
        fact is, there is no tolerance for moderate Muslims in the writings of the Qur'an nor in the
        sayings of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.

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