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Questionable Teachings of Islam:

                                  One Billion People Deceived


        It seems that religious ideologies have always played a pivotal role in the formation and
        structure of societies, cultures and traditions since the dawn of mankind. We can observe
        throughout  the  world  today  that  there  are  countless  religions  and  philosophies  -  each
        claiming to have been exclusively enlightened to the "answer" that will bring peace and
        harmony to mankind. Ironically, all do not agree and the result has led civilizations into
        territorial conquests, tragic wars and injustices against humanity such as ethnic cleansing
        that  continues  to  this  day.  Many  religions  have  been  established  through  deceptions,
        superstitions, fears and half-truths in order to keep a strict and rigid control over their

        On the other hand, this does not exempt the ideology of Atheism (belief that God does
        not exist) from being innocent of committing human atrocities. Millions of people have
        been persecuted and killed by regimes that distance themselves from religious ideals such
        as the governments that adhere to Communist, Socialist and Marxist philosophies.

        Controlled through Fear:

        Islam is one of many religions that has advanced its control over people through fear
        tactics. However, Islam is more than a religion, as noted earlier, and its control delves
        personally into the daily activity of each practicing Muslim. Even when faced with the truth,
        Muslims  are  afraid  to  speak  up  to  question  great  discrepancies  that  are  found  within
        Islamic theology. For example, one popular response by Islamic groups is to state that
        Islam  means  "peace"  when  in  reality  Islam  means  "submission."  Another  misleading
        statement  made  by  Islamic  public-relations  groups  is  to  cite  a  verse  from  the  Qur'an
        stating that there is "no compulsion" in religion. (Qu'ran 002.256) Yet, that verse becomes
        negated by contradictory teachings that command Muslims to fight against those who do
        not believe in the Islamic god, "Allah," nor acknowledge Islam as the "religion of truth."
        (Qur'an 009.029)

        It was that specific compulsion that prompted the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, to engage
        in military conquests  - fighting against regional pagan tribes in Arabia. The ultimatum
        issued  to  each  tribal  leader  was  for  them  to  surrender  and  "embrace  Islam"  or  face
        destruction by Muhammad's armies. This religious movement continued quite successfully
        after the death of Muhammad in 632, Common Era, and spread throughout the Mideast,
        Europe and Asia until various civilizations and religious cultures were all brought under
        the "banner" of Islam.

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