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Questionable Teachings of Islam:

                                  One Billion People Deceived


        This  is  one  of  the  oldest  sects  of  the  Islamic  religion.  It  is  reported  that  Kharijites
        assassinated Hadrat Ali, the nephew of Muhammad who became the fourth caliph of the
        Shiites. The reason for killing Ali is that the Kharijites did not accept him as being qualified
        to be a rightful successor to Muhammad regardless of the family relationship. (The term
        Kharijite is synonymous with the word "assassin.") In addition, Kharijites believe that the
        succession of caliphates is not necessarily decided by either one of the Sunni or Shiite
        methods  but  by  being  open  to  any  believing  Muslim  male  who  exemplifies  extreme
        righteous piety and allegiance to the strict and literal following of the Qur'an.


        This group is comprised of all Muslims who view Western culture as a threat to Islam.
        They are determined to establish Islam as the dominant religion  for all people and to
        incorporate the Shari'a laws as the guideline for societal governance.  As a result, this
        ideology  reflects  more  than  just  a  basic  observance  of  religion  since  it  encompasses
        complete control of the political and social structure of its followers.

        Strict Islamic fundamentalism is what has given a meteoric rise to the extremist groups
        that  end  up  forming  terror  cells.  These  are  individuals  who  are  completely  sincere  in
        believing that it is their obligation and mission to advance the cause of Islam at all costs.
        Therefore, it is deemed an "honor and a privilege" for a Muslim from this group to become
        a  suicide  bomber who  kills  innocent  men,  women  and  children  who  are  all  deemed
        "infidels" and the enemies of Islam. The mindset of terrorists is steadfast in their belief
        that they will have achieved the highest goal as a martyr, thus, be entitled to an immediate
        entrance into "paradise" as they have been promised in the Qur'an. They sincerely believe
        they are doing "God's Will."

        The  Islamic  group,  HAMAS,  specifically  refers  to  the  Palestinian  issue  with  Israel as  a
        "religious problem" and calls on Muslims to see it as such.
        (Hamas Covenant -1988: Article 15, paragraph 3)

        Perhaps we should consider Jesus' prophetic words for today:
        "...yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.
        And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me."
        (John 16: 2-3)

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