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Questionable Teachings of Islam:

                                  One Billion People Deceived

        Members of Islamic Fundamentalism are also encouraged to help the cause of Islam by
        aggressive participation in countries where political offices are open to all people. It should
        be pointed out, however, that the constitutions of Islamic nations prohibit non-Muslims
        from holding political office nor can a non-Muslim join their military.

        Another strong focus of the fundamental movement is to form support groups that can
        become actively involved, wherever possible, in positions of influence whereby Islam can
        gain  further  inroads.  These  positions  include  educational  systems,  the  media,
        governmental agencies and also the entertainment industry. As a result, these Islamic
        support groups are only doing what other religions and special interest groups are doing
        - using the democratic system to advance their cause. Such participation could not be the
        case for non-Muslim groups to enjoy in an Islamic nation where Sharia law rules.


        As you have read, Muslims represent various orders (sects) of belief and many greatly
        differ in respect to their specific interpretations about how Islam should be established. It
        is the hope of this author that you will continue to read all the topical sections of this
        research  in  order  to  have  an  insight  into  the  Islamic  ideologies  that  are  now  taking
        precedence in the current news reports coming in from throughout the world.

        History has taken a difficult turn since the morning of September 11, 2001, however, the
        undercurrent of the Islamic tide had been escalating for quite some time. Most Americans
        never  suspected  that  such  magnitude  of  terrorism  could  ever  be  waged  against  this
        country in the manner carried out by the airline hijackers that ended in the tragic death
        of nearly three thousand innocent people.

        America has been inflicted with the type of terrorism that has plagued Israel for the past
        fifty years; not because America supports Israel, but, because America supports freedom
        of  religion,  freedom  of  speech,  and  the  protections  of  human  rights  for  all  citizens  as
        guaranteed by the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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