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Questionable Teachings of Islam:

                                  One Billion People Deceived


        The term, Shiite, means "partisan of faith." This group accounts for less than fifteen-
        percent of all Muslims. Shiites are one of the most aggressive in their religious fervor as
        they believe that the first rightful successor to Muhammad should have been his
        nephew, Hadrat Ali, instead of Hadrat Abu Bakr - the father of Muhammad's youngest
        wife, Aisha. Muhammad did not have a male heir to transfer his leadership to as his only
        two son's each died during their infant years. Therefore, Shiite Muslims choose all
        transfer of their leadership on the basis of blood-line descendancy to Muhammad and
        not by an electoral process as is the case in Sunni leadership.

        Shiite religious leaders are called "Imams." A segment of this Muslim group believes that
        within the timeline of world history a total of twelve imams will have ruled upon the
        earth prior to "Judgment Day." These are commonly referred to as the "Twelvers." They
        presently await the emergence of their twelfth Imam whom they believe is actually alive
        at this time and is waiting for the right moment to enter upon the world scene as the
        "Mahdi," or, savior of the world. Twelvers believe that Mahdi will appear with Jesus in
        order to establish peace by bringing the entire world under Islamic rule.

        Another religious sect within the Shiite movement is known as the "Seveners." This
        group accepts only six Imams from the Twelvers group and believes that their seventh
        Imam was a leader by the name of Ismail Ibn Jafar. The Seveners await their prophetic
        return of Ismail's son, Muhammad, whom they believe is the rightful Muslim leader who
        will restore peace and order upon the earth.


        The Salafi thought calls upon all Muslims to follow the original ways of the first
        generations of Islamic teachings. Salafi Muslims strive to emulate the fundamental way
        of life and religion that reflect how the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, and his companions
        lived at the time when Islam first began. This doctrine views any modernization of
        Islamic thought as being apostate and proclaims that true Islam must follow the
        examples (Sunnah) of their prophet, Muhammad, and to observe all teachings of the
        Qur'an. Shari'a is the law that must govern. The Salafi goal is to "... establish a true
        Islamic society governed by Allah's law.

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