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Questionable Teachings of Islam:

                                  One Billion People Deceived

        An initial debate regarding Ali's succession as caliph caused the controversial split that
        formed  the  Sunni  and  Shiite  groups.  While  the  Sunnis  adhere  to  an  elective  process,
        Shiites strongly believe that the rightful successors to lead Islam should originate from
        the bloodline of Muhammad, thus, Ali should have been first in the line of succession.

        The term, Sunni, is defined as meaning "traditionalists." This group leans toward a stricter
        interpretation  of  the  Qur'an  and  it  is  their  belief  that  the  office  of  Caliph  should  lead
        Muslims  by  a  democratic  consensus.  Sunnis  adhere  to  the  documented  teachings  of
        Muhammad, known as Sunnah.

        Sunnis consist of four sub-groups (schools of belief) which interpret how Muhammad lived.
        Muslims  are  then  instructed  to  pattern  their  lives  according  to  the  accounts  of
        Muhammad's life and lifestyle.

        The four sub-groups are:

        1) Hanabalites: Considered as one of the strictest in interpreting the Qur'an and in setting
            the guidelines on how Muslims must follow their faith. Followers of this group reside
            mostly in Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia.

        2) Shafiites: This group is found in Indonesia, the Arabian Peninsula and Egypt. Religious
            guidelines are not as strict as other Islamic groups.

        3) Malikhites:  North  Africa  and  the  Sudan  are  the  regions  where  this  group  resides.
            Malikhites allow other laws to be introduced into their faith and added to those derived
            from the teachings of Muhammad.

        4) Hanafites: These are not as rigid in their adherence to the stricter Islamic teachings.
            The Hanafites are spread throughout regions of China, Turkey and India.

        Geographical  location  plays  a  role  in  how  strict  the  religious  guidelines  are,  thus,
        interpretations will vary throughout Islamic regions.

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