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Questionable Teachings of Islam:

                                  One Billion People Deceived

                                      An Overview of Islam

        Do not be deceived! Islam does not mean peace; it means "submission."
        In  context,  it  is  the  submission  to  believe  only in  the  Islamic  god,  Allah,  as  well  as
        submission to the strict religious and social rules of governance set by Shari'a law.

        The present Muslim population throughout the world is estimated to be approximately 1.6
        Billion and Islam is reportedly the fastest growing of all religions. However, claims to this
        explosive growth are not necessarily due to a massive amount of new converts but more
        to the fact that the Muslim population is growing at a faster rate than families of other
        faiths. Current statistics indicate that the general population growth in European countries
        is on the decline and giving way to the rise in Muslims through birth and large amounts of
        new immigrants.  France is one of the countries where the Muslim population has now
        reached ten-percent with Muslims beginning to exert more and more political influence in
        politics. It is quite possible that France will be the first modern European country to fall
        under Islamic rule within ten to fifteen years.

        As with any religion, Muslims adhere to their holy book, The Qur'an (Koran) which is said
        to have been divinely revealed to the founding prophet, Muhammad,  in the year 610,
        Common  Era.  An  in-depth  account  is  explained  in  the  topical  section:  "An  'Angelic
        Revelation:' Birth of Islam."

        Other sources of guidance are derived from the written accounts of Muhammad's sayings,
        known as "Ahadith," and also through the Sunnah (examples based upon the lifestyle of
        Muhammad,)  and  by  the  Shari'a  laws  that  are  founded  upon  Qur'anic  principles.

        Islam is comprised of varying sects, or, religious orders, just like in any other mainline
        religion.  There  are  four  sects  within  Islam  that  comprise  the  largest  representation  of
        Muslims; Sunni, Shiite, Wahhabi and Sufi. (see the topical section: "Islamic Sects and
        Sub-Groups") While these divisions each view one another as having strayed from the
        true  teachings  of  Muhammad,  they  still  share  the  core  belief  that  all  people  and
        governments must eventually be made to submit to Islam.

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